Integrated and Connected System

KOEMIA, through its integrated system, manages hair analysis, treatments, and styling by connecting devices and automatically adjusting parameters to each client's needs.


Client's hair is meticulously analyzed down to the micrometer using a high-definition sensor to tailor treatments and manage devices.

Customized Treatments

KOEMIA tailors hair treatments for each client, dispensing the exact amount of product to minimize waste.

Customized Parameters

KOEMIA automatically adjusts hairdryer and straightener settings to each client's needs, with options for further customization on the stylist's profile.

Start&Stop System

The Start&Stop system, utilizing the convenient Smart Pouch, can cut hairdryer energy consumption by up to 40%, offering substantial savings.

Ultrasonic Nebulization

The integrated ultrasonic micro-nebulizer in the hairdryer ensures even distribution of leave-in treatments without weighing down the hair. Each strand receives the exact amount of treatment needed for shiny, silky, and soft results.


KOEMIA's devices, both ergonomic and lightweight, provide hair stylists with comfortable handling and ensure exceptional freedom of movement.