KOEMIA stands at the forefront of the Hair Style industry, dedicated to leveraging 4.0 Technologies to forge innovative solutions for salons and service management. By prioritizing client well-being, we have thoroughly transformed the salon experience.


Our team consists of passionate hair style professionals with extensive industry experience. Technology experts and top-tier designers share a vision to usher in a new era of hair styling, working together to introduce cutting-edge solutions.


We develop systems and applications rooted in Data Analysis, utilizing digital tools and sophisticated algorithms capable of processing vast amounts of client data. Integration and connectivity are crucial for us: every component of the KOEMIA system operates in perfect harmony, creating a seamless, interconnected, and controlled environment.

Our styling tools are smart and state-of-the-art, blending technological advancement with ergonomic design for optimal working comfort and freedom of use. These tools are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring flawless results.

Our values

  • Sustainability drives our mission: we focus on reducing energy consumption, cutting down on packaging, and selecting natural products.

  • We champion hair stylist empowerment by granting access to 4.0 technology, continuous training, and support to enhance their skills.

  • We prioritize the client experience, customizing both treatment formulations and device settings to meet individual needs.


With the advanced integrated and automated KOEMIA system, you're empowered to enhance your consultations, providing clients with a distinct experience.

The journey of transformation begins with a detailed hair analysis, from which KOEMIA crafts a highly personalized treatment plan divided into three stages: SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, and LEAVE-IN. This customized approach is tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of your client's hair, delivering a level of care far surpassing conventional standards.

KOEMIA's true magic lies in its ability to utilize the data from the analysis to automatically control your styling devices. This ensures the application of the perfect temperature and airflow settings for each client, turning every styling session into a bespoke masterpiece of precision and attention.

Thus, with KOEMIA, you're not just offering impeccable service but inviting your clients to experience a blend of styling artistry and technological innovation, crafting unique moments that speak volumes of professional excellence.